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A Message from STAK's President


Uncharted territory; this is where we are. There are so many questions and not many answers. Every challenge presents opportunities. Opportunity is found in being resilient. Many of the things we thought were cast in stone have changed into what we thought would never be. The new normal. We must evolve with every challenge - safely. 

2020 left us without a conference, 2021 will NOT happen either. The risk is too high to make plans that seem impossible to carry out.

We are excited as we begin planning for Regional Summer Workshops that will come with full introductions at a later date. We are working with the Kentucky Department of Education to allow this as an option for Driver Trainers to get their 6-hour update.

We are all feeling the need for training and networking. STAK is here to serve you when called upon. We are in this together.

STAK President,

Paula Allen

Campbell County Schools, Driver Trainer